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Atualização do Oracle 12c: Novas funcionalidades e mudanças

Novidades Oracle Database 12c Relase 1

Pessoal segue as novidades do Oracle 12C que acabou de sair uma atualização de documentos.

Oracle Premier Support – Oracle Database Support News – Issue January, 2014 Volume 36 (Doc ID 230.1)

Oracle Database 12.1 Upgrade New Features and Changes

As you are aware Oracle Database 12c has been released several months ago and is available for download from OTN and eDelivery. Following up on the article ‘Oracle Database 12.1 Install New Features and Changes’ In the DB Support News September edition, this feature article is outlining the Oracle Database 12.1 Upgrade New Features and Changes
• New DBUA Interface
• New Pre-Upgrade Information Tool
• Enhanced Upgrade Automation
• Command Line Upgrade
A live webcast discussing these features including question and answer session is scheduled on Jan 16 , 2014. For more information and registration details refer to:

• Document 1605245.1 12c Upgrade and New Features
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Let’s review the Oracle Database 12.1 Upgrade New Features and Changes mentioned above in more details.
New DBUA Interface
• DBUA is now divided into 2 panels (initially introduced with 11.2 OUI), the left panel lists all the steps executed by DBUA and the right panel executes and shows the progress of all operations listed in the left panel.
New Pre-Upgrade Information Tool
• Oracle Database 12c introduces the preupgrd.sql Pre-Upgrade Information Tool which replaces the utlu121i.sql script and earlier versions
• With the new Pre-Upgrade Information Tool, the default behavior of the prerequisite upgrade checks has been enhanced in the following ways:
o A log file, preupgrade.log, is created containing the output of the Pre-Upgrade Information Tool.
o The preupgrade_fixups.sql script is created
o The postupgrade_fixups.sql script is created
o These files are created under $ORACLE_BASE/cfgtoollogs/<SID>/preupgrade
Enhanced Upgrade Automation
• New parallel upgrade script which is a default feature in Oracle Database
• SERVER ( catalog , catproc ) component upgrade scripts get executed in parallel, for independent sub-components
• Parallel upgrade is driven by a PERL script:
$ catctl.pl

Command Line Upgrade

• In this release, the new Parallel Upgrade Utility, catctl.pl, provides parallel upgrade options that reduce downtime.
cd $ORACLE_HOME%rdbms\admin
$ORACLE_HOME\perl\bin\perl catctl.pl catupgrd.sql
Additional Information / References :

Further details and comprehensive additional information will be presented in the upcoming Advisor Webcast
12c Upgrade and New Features (January 16th, 2014 at 16:00 GMT) Further references on this topic is available in

• Document 1595421.2 Oracle Database 12c Release 1 Information Center
• Document 1600704.1 Upgrade Advisor: Database 11.2 to 12.1
• Document 1462240.1 Oracle 12cR1 Upgrade Companion
• Document 1520299.1 Master Note For Oracle 12c Release 1 (12.1) Database/Client Installation/Upgrade/Migration Standalone Environment (Non-RAC)
• Oracle Database 12.1 Online Documentation – Installing and Upgrading Library
• Document 1515747.1 Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.1) Upgrade New Features
• Document 1493645.1 Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.1) DBUA : Understanding New Changes With All New 12.1 DBUA

Also, ask questions and join conversations in the Database Install/Upgrade/Opatch Community. My Oracle Support Community offers a collaborative environment where you can access the latest product and support information, learn about best practices, participate in discussions and exchange knowledge with an extensive network of peers and Oracle experts.

Bem isto é um resumo das novidade da Release 12.1 do Oracle.

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