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SQL Developer, SQLcl and Rest for Oracle Database Webinars

SQL Developer, SQLcl and Rest for Oracle Database

Olá pessoal !

O Jeff Smith (Senior Principal Product Manager) irá apresentar alguns webinars sobre SQL Developer, SQLcl e Rest para Oracle Database. Abaixo as datas e os assuntos:

Getting Started with Oracle SQL Developer – 08/08 ás 14:00

I’ll show you how to install the product, define your connections, and start to work with your data and code. I’ll also cover the major feature areas including the SQL Worksheet, reports, tuning SQL, creating and altering database objects, debugging, and a bit of DBA stuff. Join the Meeting

Getting Started with SQLcl – 15/08 ás 14:00

I’m not going to assume that you’re already a SQL*Plus ninja – we’re going to start from the very beginning. How to access SQLcl from your Window cmd window (or OS X/Linux terminal), how to connect to your database, and how to start writing queries. I’ll show you the things that make working from this ‘spartan’ environment easy, if not fun! The next time you land at a new site with zero Oracle tools, you’ll know how to be up and running in less than 5 minutes with nothing to ‘install!’. Join the meeting.

Getting Started with REST and the Oracle Database via ORDS – 22/08 ás 14:00

Oracle REST Data Services powers https access to your Oracle Database. We’ll cover just exactly what REST is, why a database person should care, how to quickly stand up ORDS, and we’ll cover a few examples of working with simple SQL statements, scripts, and stored procedures. Join the meeting.

Para acompanhar, será necessário instalar o plugin do Oracle Zoom.

O áudio pode ser acompanhado através dos números abaixo:

Audio Information – Join by phone:
+1 408 638 0968 or +1 646 558 8656 US Toll
Meeting ID: 364 715 166

Fica a dica ! 🙂



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