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New Features OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure)

New Features OCI

Today I decided to write a post with the new features that have been released in OCI in recent months.

I will be making detailed articles on each of these features as soon as possible.

Let’s go now with the new features

OS Managemet Service

  • Service Available from OCI Console
  • Managed instance can be managed individually or in group.
  • Easy Instance grouping – By OS or By Purpose of Instances – Easy Bulk Operations
  • Select or Create Custom software sources.
  • Immediate execution as Work Request or Scheduled Jobs for OS Package Management.
  • Checking for Exposures to known Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE).
  • Agent based Service for Linux 6,7 or 8 Instances.
  • OS Management enabled by default only Agent install needed via yum.
  • For Service Operation Agent (osms-agent) must be installed.
  • Compute + OS Management = Managed Instance
  • Enables Package Management – Monitor, Search, Add, Remove, Update

Block Volume Sharing Read-Write Mode

  • Two options introduced Read/Write Sharable and Read-only Sharable.
  • Read-Write needs Clusterware solution on top of shared block volume.
  • Read-only attachment are available in sharable mode to multiple instances.
  • No need of concurrency access control or cluster-ware solution for Read-only Attach.
  • Volume groups, Disk-to-Disk Clone, automated backups are available for Shared Block Volumes.
  • Default attachment from Compute is non-shareable and exclusive read/write
  • Available in all regions via OCI Console, CLI, SDK, Terraform.
  • Other vendors provide only Read-only Block Volumes but has limitation on Read-Write shareable attach.

Oracle feature to get back the Deleted Compartment.

  • Once compartment is deleted it will be appended with random string.
  • Use Filter Deleted Compartment to get the list.
  • Audit Retention period is 90-365 days.
  • Restore Compartment Option will allow you to restore compartment with the same appended string name.
  • It will be listed in compartment list.
  • All policies refer to the deleted compartment will be now pointed to restored compartment name.

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